The Best Wedding-themed Christmas films on Netflix 

The Best Wedding-themed Christmas films on Netflix 

Christmas Films on Netflix


Wedding-themed Christmas Films are coming and must admit it! We love winter weddings, even more, every day! First of all, they have different look, feel, and atmosphere, which make them even more special and unique.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, so what could be better than a winter wedding mixed with a romantic Christmas story? Creating a memorable winter wedding ambiance that embraces Christmas could be an amazing idea. For instance, there is always something quite magical about getting married at that time of the year.

You are curious why are people being tempted to tie the knot in the cold winter months? Today we prepared for you a list of the best wedding-themed Christmas films available now on Netflix. Thus, grab your hot chocolate, and let’s take a walk into the Winter (Wedding) Wonderland!

Christmas Wedding Planner Netflix


Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

To start with, Christmas Wedding Planner is a Christmas film that all the wedding planners will love! Debuting Wedding Planner, Kelsey Wilson is about to have her big break while planning her cousin’s lavish and really luxury wedding. At the beginning, everything is going great,  then her world is turned upside down by a handsome private investigator trying to disrupt the wedding . Briefly, Christmas Wedding Planner will steal your heart!

A Christmas Prince The Royal Wedding Netflix 1


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2017)

Consequently, we talk about Christmas weddings… what about a ROYAL Christmas wedding? It’s definitely YES from us.  A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is designed to be a feel-good Christmas fairy tale as Amber and Prince Richard are dealing with all the chaos that comes with wedding planning! In conclusion, this Christmas film is filled with all the stereotypes of weddings and Christmas. 

A New York Christmas Wedding Netflix


A New York Christmas Wedding (2020)

A New York Christmas Wedding delves into the world of do-overs and second chances. Before her big Christmas wedding in New York City, a bride meets her guardian angel, who shows her an alternate life… Consequently, it’s the film that makes you believe in the power of love at Christmas and stays for the fact that each person should be living their own truth and finding their own happiness whatever it may be.

How to Ruin Christmas The Wedding Netflix 1


How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding (2020)

Last but not the least, How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding is a new African Original Holiday Special series. To illustrate, a prodigal daughter joins her dysfunctional family for Christmas for the first time in years and completely ruins her sister’s picture-perfect Christmas wedding. Firstly, the planned wedding ends in disaster, then she spends her next days frantically trying to get things back on track. A Christmas Film to see.

This year Netflix offers a lot of romantic Christmas films you can add to your binge list.

For instance, here’s some of our favorite: Holidate, The Knight Before Christmas, Holiday in the Wild, Operation Christmas Drop, The Holiday Calendar. The romance is in the air and they are just one step away from a Winter Wedding…

No matter the season, Avalon Events Organisation is here to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams! We are the Number One Luxurious Wedding Planner based in the French Riviera specialized in stylish, exclusive, luxurious, and exceptional weddings. Contact us whether you’re engaged or planning your wedding:



Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

First of all, welcome to the Garden Wedding! From Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children’s novel “Secret Garden” to the brand new Netflix series “Bridgerton”, the beauty of nature seduce with its mystery and timeless aesthetic. In 2021, nature will be the best backdrop for every special occasion as outdoor weddings rise in popularity. In Avalon Events Organization we embrace this trend and we must say: We love it!

Namely, if you’re dreaming of saying “I do” in romantic scenery, there won’t be a better venue than a splendid, broad garden with astonishing nature, peaceful corners, and fresh, fragrant air. While Mother Nature has already provided natural inspirations, we used its benefits to prepare some inspirational garden wedding ideas!

Intimate Wedding 2021

Enchanted Garden Wedding

To begin with, isn’t it more desirable to organize outdoor weddings during these challenging times? Use the healing power of nature! You can create an elegant celebration filled with romance and make your guests forget about any worries for a moment. Let your garden wedding be your happy place where only good things happen. Wedding inspired by Jane Austen’s novels, “Secret Garden”, or even “Finding Neverland” allows for stunning floral decorations, fabulous candles, and dreamy hanging floral installations incorporated into natural backdrop elements. For instance, using traditional decor and gold or pastel colors we will achieve a real fairytale aesthetic!

Enchanted Garden Wedding

CREDIT: Pinterest

Anticipating unforeseen weather –

Outdoor Wedding Tents

Accordingly, wedding tents are the perfect complement for garden weddings, but also form a unique shelter for your guests in case of bad weather. What’s important, the forms and decor options are practically limitless, depending on your needs. Specifically, the most popular styles are freestanding tents set up on frames, sailcloth and pole tents, tents with sidewalls or plastic, transparent ones. While arranging the interior we love adding some natural components from the garden like stunning overhead floral installations, hanging flowers, natural light coming from candles. Do you want more? What about bringing trees INSIDE your tent? Immediately, magic atmosphere guaranteed. 

Garden Wedding Tents

CREDIT: Pinterest

Romantic lighting – light the Garden Wedding up!

Twinkle lights amongst the trees, shrubs, and flowers? Beautiful lighting installations or stark bulbs? A sky full of stars? With a little bit of imagination (and our expertise) everything is possible! The glow of romantic lighting will add charm and magic to your garden wedding. This year, outdoor weddings will lighten up by hanging candles and pathway lights that create a fairy-tale-like ambiance, bistro lighting to add a bit of charming twist, or by string lights to create a Christmasy atmosphere.

Garden Wedding Lighting

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Garden Wedding Decorations on a Big Scale

Briefly, there is no such thing as too much flora, especially when we talk about having a garden wedding. Floral accents can sneak literally everywhere – from the backdrop to paths, entrance, tent interior, or tables, chairs, centerpieces, up to the wedding cake, invitations, or your romantic wreath! Don’t be afraid to use, besides flowers, also other foliage like leaves, succulents, or garlands. 

Flowers Garden Wedding

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Outdoor Wedding Fun

Currently garden weddings give a lot of possibilities for funny games and fancy installations. We propose bringing out a bar or gelato station and prepare some lawn games. The chill lounge area in the hidden corner of the garden will be a perfect place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the wedding celebration and spend some time alone with your beloved one. The possibilities are endless!

Garden Wedding Bar

CREDIT: Pinterest

We hope these few garden wedding ideas inspired you to invite nature to your wedding day! However, planning an outdoor wedding can be complicated and takes more time than usual. We will be more than happy to assist you and create for you a flawless garden reception!

Ready to start planning your 2021 garden wedding?

Intimate Elopement in the South of France

Intimate Elopement in the South of France

intimate elopement in the south of France

Are you dreaming about an intimate elopement ceremony whit an amazing sea view, under the olive trees, in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe? Then an elopement in the South of France is what you are looking for!

intimate elopement wedding in the south of France

Intimate elopements are getting more popular


Small and intimate elopements are growing in popularity (see: reasons to elope). This special kind of wedding has become a chic way for many couples to celebrate their love and express themselves. Instead of postponing your wedding due to Covis-19 safety rules and stress over new restrictions, they opt for an intimate elopement. It’s more romantic, unique and, most of all, a lot less stressful experience than a regular wedding.

intimate elopement in the south of France

An intimate elopement in the south of France


While planning your intimate elopement, one of the most important things to consider is a special place. You are no longer restricted by the costs of a big venue and the disposition of your numerous guests. You can let your imagination run free and choose the place that speaks to your heart.


While thinking about the most romantic places on Earth, the South of France is the one that quickly comes to our minds. Besides having the most gorgeous collection of wedding venues, it offers numerous places for intimate elopements. Romantic French Riviera is a perfect destination, offering beautiful scenery, endless sea views, a relaxed, happy atmosphere, the most amazing cuisine, and many more.

intimate elopement the south of France

Have you fallen in love with an intimate elopement in the South of France already?


If you are looking for help planning your elopement on the French Riviera, Provence, or in Monaco, get in touch with Sabine and have a friendly chat.

Avalon Events Organization will make your special elopement elegant, creative, dreamy, or whatever you want it to be. Tell us about your dreams and we’ll make them come true!

intimate elopement south of France Nice

Ready to Elope?



French Riviera Wedding Planner Covid 19

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is a wonderful time when both of you should celebrate your love and commitment. But planning a wedding can be an extremely complicated and stressful experience, and no one knows that better than couples planning their wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a Wedding Planner, I’m used to assisting couples choosing their guests list, cake favor, bridesmaids’ dresses, or wedding venue but with years of experience, I can easily handle more unexpected issues related to rescheduling, redoing contracts, or changing the timeline. 

Therefore, hiring a wedding planner during the Coronavirus pandemic is not only highly recommended but essential. My ability to relieve stress and save your valuable time will be precious.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a wedding planner during COVID.

Wedding Planner Covid 19

Wedding Planner knows every Covid-19 safety precaution

First of all, as your wedding planner, I’ll guide you through the whole process of wedding planning and I will ensure that you and your loving ones are safe and secure. Still, the most important part of my job is to taking care of you and your wellbeing. You can still have a wedding of your dreams and while I’ll create the safest environment possible, before, during, and after the wedding. You can push aside all the worries of Coronavirus. Cheers to Safety

Why Hire a Wedding Planner Covid 19

Wedding Planner has a better knowledge of the most suitable wedding venues

You always dreamed about a destination wedding but since there are many travel restrictions, you think you need to give up your dreams? As an experienced wedding planner, I know the best venues in the South of France, Monaco, or Italy. You’ll shortly find out that you don’t need to travel far to feel like in a fairy-tail! A wedding in a chateau? In a vineyard, in the mountains, or on the beach? I’ve got it all covered!

Monaco Wedding Planner Covid 19

Weeding Planner will negotiate the best contracts

While planning a wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic we need to take into consideration that, in the worst scenario, your wedding will need to be postponed. That’s why it’s essential to negotiate the best contract with vendors, suppliers, and of course with the venue. I work with venues and vendors constantly and I have a deep understanding of their industry. I advocate for couples to assure the best deals even during these hard times. If the planning change, I’ll find new availability among existing vendors and make sure that everything will be back on schedule.

Hire Wedding Planner Covid 19

If you’re planning a wedding in 2021 you should start now! And don’t forget to hire professionals to help you get through it. Avalon Events Organisation will make sure that your wedding is perfect – no matter what.



Wedding Planner – Avalon Events Organisation: New beginning

Wedding Planner – Avalon Events Organisation: New beginning

Wedding Panner
“We live to celebrate all the amazing accomplishments, relationships, and milestones in each other’s lives. We need weddings, they are the lifeblood of humanity and love!” 
DWP Insider

This year wasn’t easy at all, also for the Wedding Industry. As Wedding Planner, we struggled with delays and cancelations, with multiples restrictions and anxiety of future brides and grooms. The world that we knew and loved has turned upside down.

Still, all these bad experiences didn’t break us down. We took some time to rethink our approach and the way we create experiences. We are renowned for creating some of the World’s best events.

Now we are going to show you even more…

Wedding Planner French Riviera

Wedding Planner: Smaller & Intimate Weddings

To begin with, recent events have taught us that life is too short and showed us the importance of recognizing the true value of our family and our closest friends. We want to focus on genuine interactions, create real experiences and moments that will last forever. We love small, intimate weddings for their unique character and custom-style. They create the opportunity for great memories with every single guest. In Avalon Event Organisation, while planning weddings in French Riviera and beyond, we want to create unique and meaningful intimate weddings that are a reflection of you and your beloved one.

Wedding Planner French Riviera Monaco 1

Create New Experiences in French Riviera & Monaco

What is more, from now on we are focused on creating memorable one-of-a-kind experiences. We don’t want your wedding to be JUST a wedding but a whole lot of different tastes and feelings. What we mean by that is, we work with the best suppliers and caters from the South of France, Monaco, and Italy. As your Wedding Planners in French Riviera and Monaco, We want local cuisines and traditions and to be a part of your wedding day.

Destination Wedding Planner French Riviera

Collaboration with other Wedding Planners 

To continue, the wedding industry is a competitive one, but in Avalon Events Organisation we go one step further and we work closely with other wedding planners in order to create the wedding of your dreams or an event you will recall after long periods of time. Nothing is better than working with another inspired, like-minded industry friend to create something you’ll love. We are creating together extraordinary events for private and corporate clients, for you.

AEO new logo 1 1

Finally, to give meaning to our new story we celebrate it with a new logo. With more than a decade of experience in Destination Wedding and Events Planning in the French Riviera, Monaco and beyond, we produce some of the world’s most extraordinary events and our new logo reflect just that. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Please, be a part of our New Beginning!