While planning a wedding lots of future brides dream about a huge celebration, hundreds of guests, spacious ballroom, generally the bigger the better. But it’s no longer a rule. The more and more couples decide to abandon this trend and go for romantic, intimate weddings inviting only their closest friends and family. Why this type of weddings become more and more popular? Well, there is several reasons:


1. More intimate atmosphere.


Cutting the guest list will assure that the people you are going to see during your Big Day are really your loving ones. Why dealing with someone you’ve never seen or didn’t stay in contact with? Smaller celebration means more intimate atmosphere. Maybe you don’t see it yet but it will help a lot when it comes to your stress level. A lot of future married worry a lot about the confrontation with the people they particularly don’t know. Push the pressure away and focus on you and your feeling.
Our advice: Be prepared that you might hurt someone’s feelings. Instead of neglecting this fact, have an honest conversation with the people who were likely to feel invited. Tell them the truth about your small and intimate wedding, surely they will understand and support you.

2. Your dream location.


Smaller guest number goes with the wider choice when it comes to wedding venues. You don’t have to worry that the large number of guest will not fit to your dreamed location. You will have endless opportunities not only regarding ceremony and reception but also arrangement of the tables, dance floor area and many more. It’s very common that lovely private villas or elegant castles have limited number of guests. If you are not limited by this restriction you can start searching for something that will really get your heart.
Our advice: Choose something cozy and intimate what will emphasize the close relation with your guests. With too spacious venues your guest might feel lost and not comfortable.

3. Greatest attention to details.


We are all a little bit perfectionists and like to control everything. While planning a smaller wedding you can make sure everything is perfect and buttoned up. Everything can be more elaborate.
Our advice: Small weddings are more transparent so everything must run like a clockwork. “Smaller” doesn’t mean that they are evidently simpler to organize. You have more control over every detail but you must remember that the with the smaller amount of guest every failing is more visible and harder to turn a blinder eye to.
let your imagination run free.

4. Smaller wedding = smaller budget.


Yes, it all depends on what you are looking for but usually smaller weddings are chipper that the big ones. The smaller venue, the smaller amount of personalized details and especially the prices for catering. With the number of guests, the costs usually get higher. When you on a tight budget, an intimate wedding might be something for you.
Our advice: Sometimes cutting the guest list is the only way to have everything you envisioned for your wedding day. Envision what is more important to you. And remember that no one has the right to call you selfish. We all deserve to have a perfect wedding, the way we want it to be.

Each of these places is exceptional and has its particular charm. Whichever you chose you can be sure that this journey will be unforgettable.


5. Perfect for destination wedding.


When you dream about a special destination wedding, organizing an intimate celebration gives you this opportunity. It opens you the doors to the brand-new dimension of wedding reception. Regarding transportation and accommodation, it’s way simpler to organize a small, intimate destination wedding than a big one. It will really get you closer to your guests and guarantee you more time spent together.
Our advice: Planning a destination wedding even for the small group of people can be very complicated. Knowledge and expertise of the chose location are indispensable. Don’t take your skills for granted. Professional consultations when planning a destination wedding are a must!
As a luxurious wedding planner, we love intimate weddings. They give us a lot of strong feelings and heartfelt emotions. Planning something so precious is a gift itself.


Each of these places is exceptional and has its particular charm. Whichever you chose you can be sure that this journey will be unforgettable.




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