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Have you ever heard about a couple leaving their home without telling anyone and secretly getting married far away? 

That’s what most of us will consider as an elopement.

Traditionally, we refer the term “elopement” to “the act of leaving home secretly in order to get married”. (Definition of elopement from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus).

The secrecy is the key!

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Surprisingly, elopement has transformed over the years. Modern-day eloping doesn’t have to come with any shame or embarrassment. What used to mean “to run away and secretly getting married” now become a sort of small destination wedding. It allows the couple to invite only the most important people in their life and avoid big, exaggerated celebration.

According to Harper’s Baazar ,modern elopement “is about running away from an event that feels archaic to many and uncomfortable for others”. In fact, elopement usually means a marriage with 10 or fewer people which makes it more personal, intimate, and extremely romantic.

What does it mean to elope in 2021

“Eloping completely takes off the pressure of planning the perfect wedding,'” said Harper’s Bazaar social media editor and newly-engaged Natalie Salmon. “Weddings – thanks in part to social media, and Instagram certainly comes to mind here – are so much more visible than they were in the past. It’s not just your friends and family who will see it; even people you haven’t even invited might be watching.”

What does elopement mean

Furthermore, modern-day eloping is more and more common practice. During COVID-19 an increasing number of couples decide to pursue the route of elopements to legalize their marriage despite the restrictions. By eloping, they can stick to their original wedding date and make it official with far fewer guests.

What does elopement mean 2021

Origin of Elope – What does Elopement Means?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest use of the word “elope” was in the 14th century. It meant “leap”, so just to “run away”. The “running away to get married” sense of eloping was popularized in the 17th century. The word was used to describe a woman running away from her husband with her lover. With time the word was evolving. It meant tying the knot in secrecy or out of shame away from the family, usually as a last-minute decision.

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Nowadays, eloping is just another way of getting married. It’s an intimate wedding that is focused entirely on the couple and it’s no less special than a traditional celebration.

Eloping is an amazing alternative for what we used to consider as a wedding day, sometimes too overwhelming and not exactly in the couple’s style. Deciding to elope gives the couple plenty of possibilities to build an experience that feels authentic to them and reflects their personality. Whether they like an adventure, or prefere a luxury celebration, an elopement marriage can be whatever they want it to be and wherever they can imagine it. 

What does it mean to elope

Eloping can be a simple, less stressful, amazing wedding experience. In Avalon Events Organisation we love elopements! We can’t wait to help you create your dreamed elopement experience whether in France, in Monaco or in Italy!

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