2023 Wedding Dress Trends

2023 Wedding Dress Trends


Searching for your perfect wedding dress is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. Before you decide to try on multiple dresses it’s good to have a little coffee break and see what are the hottest 2023 wedding dress trends in the industry.

During the New York Bridal Fashion Week we had the pleasure to see a glimpse of the 2023 wedding dresses fashion trends. Designers showed some beautiful traditional cuts as well as more contemporary designs including mini dresses and colorful gowns.

If you are engaged or planning your wedding in 2023, this overview of the top wedding dress trends of 2023 is a must!

2023 Wedding Dress Trends

Sumptuous Sleeves

Inspired by the mid-1800s, sleeves will play the main character in 2023 wedding dress trends. They recall the timeless elegance and old-world romance. This year we will see both breezy off-the-shoulder sleeves, as well as classic puffed sleeves.

2023 Wedding Dress sleeves

Ornate Embellishments

Embellished wedding dresses are making a big comeback in 2023. Some of the more modern examples will be almost see-through wedding gowns covered with crystals or detachable feather trim for night-time glamour.

2023 Wedding Dress Trends lace

Hints of Color

We are extremely excited to see more pops of color in the 2023 wedding season. Many brides will decide to experiment with hues on their wedding day. Hints of colors will be seen not only in embroideries but also over the entire length of the gown. Pastel blue and pale pink are the two most popular choices by wedding designers.

color wedding dress 1

High necklines

Mock necks, inspired by royal style are one of the biggest wedding trends of 2023. They give an elegant and polished look. As the high necklines might look a bit modest, designers pair them with lace, floral detailing, open back, and sheer elements (or the whole dress!).

Wedding Dress Embellishments

Floral elements

In 2023 floral decorations are taken to another level, the 3-D level. We will see more modern designs, more dimensions, and more oversized embroideries. The floral lace will add a whimsical element to any traditional wedding dress. Those elements are a perfect choice, especially for spring brides.

flower Wedding Dress Trends

Mini wedding dress

With micro weddings on the rise in 2023, we will continue to see a surge of contemporary designs like mini dresses. It’s the perfect choice for brides who look for something non-traditional and are not afraid to show some skin on their big day. Those party-ready designs will definitely become more and more popular in the upcoming wedding seasons.

2023 Wedding mini Dress

Sheer Accents

In 2023 we will see a big comeback of delicate gowns that feature utterly sheer fabrics and sheer layering. This accent creates an illusional style and goes as far as the almost completely transparent, “see-through” elements with fabrics like lace, chiffon, silk tulle, and organza.

Sheer Accents wedding dress

Don’t forget that your style should be as important as current trends. Choose a dress that’s true to your own personal style. And if you are planning a 2023 wedding, contact Avalon Events Organisation for shameless wedding coordination!

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The Biggest Wedding Trends 2023

The Biggest Wedding Trends 2023


With the wedding season just around the corner and we can’t me are happy about it! Every year different trends and tendencies emerge and take off the wedding scene. We always strive to hold on to the most timeless values to create celebrations that will inspire and delight regardless of time, place, and other circumstances. But keeping the classic base and mixing it with current trends is definitely worth a try!

In short, 2023 is all about bold colors, unique and personalized experiences, ways to make your wedding more sustainable, natural-looking photos, outdoor receptions, destination elopements, and more.

2023 and its wedding trends are here and it’s time to start planning your perfect marriage. Here are some of our favorite hot 2023 wedding trends straight from industry experts to help you imagine your perfect celebration.

Let’s dive in!

fuchsia wedding trends 2023

Outdoor Weddings

First of all, we need to admit that we definitely have a thing for outdoor receptions. French Riviera with its mild climate, long days and plenty of sunshine is definitely a place to be if you also love those types of celebrations.

2023 will be all about al fresco receptions, golden hour ceremonies and natural backgrounds. If you look for a venue to support this trend, do not hesitate to contact us as we have the largest venue portfolio in the South of France!

outdoor wedding trends 2023

Punchy Fuchsia and Other Bold colors are In

This year, many couples will decide to fully embrace colors to their wedding. One of the hottest cooler trends of this year is punchy fuchsia (the Pantone color of the year). This wedding trend translates not only by the presence of bold colors but also wild patterns, luscious florals and exquisite decor details.

2023 Wedding design will be happier, more fun, playful and, we need to admit, very exciting!

biggest wedding trends 2023

Cocktail Walls

Bubbly or Cocktail Wall is the new way to display drinks to your wedding guests. It offers a new and creative way for you to serve your big-day signature cocktails. It can be customizable with your name, wedding colors, floral details, and much more.

wedding trends 2023 bubble wall

Motion and Naturally Looking Wedding Photos

Bye-bye, sepia-looking photos, non-conventional angles and perfectly prepared poses. Say hello to ‘bright and airy’ photographs, a lot of natural light and capturing some candid, genuine moments. It’s all about the personal touches to bring the whole experience closer to the couple’s values.

Recently we observe a new trend emerging on TikTok and Instagram. A lot of creators go for retro-looking, blurry photos and wedding photography is also a part of this trend. I a lot of couples look for photographers skilled in dramatic candid shots this year. 

photography wedding trends 2023

Micro wedding parties

Even though the pandemic is officially over the small wedding trends are about to stay with us for longer. Many couples want to avoid potential problems related to planning, big expenses and all the hustle of a big wedding. They are less concerned about doing their wedding ‘just for show’ and prefer to spend this time with those who really matter.  

cocktail wedding trends 2023

Eco-friendly wedding details

In a few years, more and more couples try to host their wedding responsibly and incorporate sustainable practices during the reception. This means using local products and cutting back on unnecessary waste. Also in 2023, we will see a surge of sustainable, raw, and natural wedding decorations, farm tables, or biodegradable materials. Wedding venues are becoming more green, full of flower decors, and plastic-free.

sustainable wedding trends 2023

Destination Elopements

Destination elopements have been a growing trend for many years. As an alternative to inviting dozens – or even hundreds – of friends and family members, many couples decide to elope in a beautiful place.

Are you dreaming about an intimate elopement ceremony whit an amazing sea view, under the olive trees, in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe? Then an elopement in the South of France is what you are looking for!

wedding trends 2023

Weddings are a very personal affair. We hope the list of our favorite hot wedding trends in 2023 will guide you to make the right for your big day.

Planning a wedding in 2023?

With Avalon Event Organisation as your wedding planner, your wedding will be ahead of trends but still reflects your personality.

Get married in the South of France!

Intimate Wedding Above Monaco

Intimate Wedding Above Monaco

south of France wedding venue

We have been so privileged to be a part of this beautiful couple’s Intimate wedding above Monaco this summer. Georgia and Ali choose to have their intimate wedding in the charming venue in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, just above Monaco. They shared this beautiful memory with a selected guest list of dear family and friends. Filled with sweet personal touches, the wedding was romantic and intimate.

south of France destination wedding

Destination Wedding above Monaco

In the first place, it’s always such a pleasure to get to know my brides and grooms. Our lovely couple flew from the United Kingdom to celebrate their love in the South of France just above Monaco, a dreamy romantic wedding destination to tie the knot in style. They’ve been together for a very long time and everybody can feel their deep love, commitment and perfect understanding.

wedding venue by the sea

Wedding Venue with a Sea View

French Riviera hosts some of the most unique and glamorous wedding venues. Furthermore, our special venue above Monaco was popular among many personalities, including Princess Grace of Monaco, who came here to relax. The property extends over 450m2 and was created piece by piece around a garden, by the successive acquisition of houses and plots. It has an authentic charm, cultivated with great care over the years.

This place is available for an enchanting break that will bring you back to the golden age of the Côte d’Azur. The wonderful garden and interiors are available for your events, weddings, celebrations, seminars, receptions, product launches, or movie shootings… Nothing beats a wedding ceremony with sea views.

chic wedding venue french riviera

Wedding Celebrant in Monaco

As a wedding celebrant, Avalon Events Organisation has the privilege of performing a wedding ceremony. As a result, it was full of sweet and loving moments. Helping this lovely couple create a day they will remember for the rest of their lives was both a pleasure and a privilege. They exchanged vows surrounded by their friends and family with a splendid background of the Mediterranean sea and the view of Monaco.

Roquebrune Cap Martin weddings

Wedding Cocktail and Dinner with French Riviera Views

After the ceremony, our couple and their guests could enjoy a beautifully chilled glass of bubbles and delicious snacks. This perfect moment of celebration was accompanied by a talented duo: a violoncellist and a singer.

When the wedding cocktail ended, we prepared dinner and a  beautiful celebration in the delicious nearby restaurant. Consequently, starting and ending this unforgettable day with splendid views over Monaco and the French Riviera.

Intimate Wedding French Riviera

Plan your Wedding in Monaco and French Riviera

Putting this event together was such an amazing experience. Every wedding designed by Avalon Events Organisation is perfectly tailored to our couples’ extraordinary dreams. We would love to hear about you, your story and your event!

Get married in the South of France!

Why You Should Visit the South of France in Winter

Why You Should Visit the South of France in Winter

winter cote dazur

Originally, the French Riviera was seen as a winter resort for the British upper class at the end of the 18th century. In the meantime, the Côte d’Azur has become the world’s first-holiday destination. People from all over the world come to visit this unique and splendid place in every season, including hot and dry summer, as well as mild and sunny winter. Although many of you know multiple reasons why French Riviera is just the most amazing summer destination, non all of you might see it as a perfect winter escape. We will walk you through the most important reasons why you should visit the South of France in winter!

Should Visit the South of France in Winter

Winter on the French Riviera is less Busy 

Winter is a perfect time to enjoy all the beauty that the Côte d’Azur offers and benefit from having this amazing space almost for your own! Well, you’re never entirely alone in the South of France but the winter season is much calmer and quieter.

In addition, you will appreciate finding easy parking more quickly, walking into your favorite restaurant without a reservation, having a picnic on an almost empty beach, or taking multiple photos in the most well-known locations without other people ruining it or having to wait for your tour.

Visiting the French Riviera during winter you will see a totally different side of this unique place. More charming, more magical, and still.

South of France in Winter

Skiing in the South of France? Yes, it’s possible!

Not many people know that the winter version of the Côte d’Azur has its hidden side. Only about one hour drive from Nice you can find many ski resorts that offer amazing views (even on the sea!), as well as all-day fun, delicious restaurants, and magnificent chalets. Imagine playing on the snow during the day and finishing it in the cozy bistro by the sea. Only on the French Riviera!

South of France Winter

Nice and Sunny Weather all (off-)Season Long

They say that the Côte d’Azur along the Mediterranean coastline benefits from almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year… The South of France has its own little microclimate; in effect, it stays warmer and drier than other places.  In fact, it’s the hottest part of the whole of France. The average temperature is about 14oC in winter and rainfalls are pretty rare.

 Just enjoy the Mediterranean warmth and go on a coastal walk and admire the beautiful scenery. 

winter french riviera

Winter wedding in the South of France 

Winter weddings can be very seductive on the French Riviera as well. You can find multiple lovely wedding venues that offer splendid indoor receptions. Romantic interiors still offer incredible views of the Côte d’Azur.

winter venue south of france

Planning a winter wedding on the French Riviera? 

Experience the beauty of the French Riviera on your wedding day. Contact us and let’s plan together your prestigious wedding, all year long.

Get married in the South of France!

What to Wear to a Destination Wedding in France

What to Wear to a Destination Wedding in France

Wear to a Destination Wedding South of France

Is there anything more romantic than getting married in the South of France? The atmosphere of this unique place is filled with a fresh Mediterranean breeze, warm sun, endless charm, delicious food, and beautiful landscapes in a one-of-a-kind experience not only for the couple but also for their loving guests. Because a wedding in the south of France is something to dream of. 

If you are lucky enough to be a guest at a French wedding, you might wonder what to wear to a Destination Wedding in France. We will guide you so there’s no space for any faux pas!

What to wear wedding france

The weather in the South of France is perfect for a wedding

The most popular time to get married in the South of France is from May to October. The weather in the South of France during this period is mostly hot, dry, and sunny. Late spring and early autumn are less hot, but the temperatures are usually still very pleasant with little rain. Your outfit choice should certainly match the climate of your destination. Attending the wedding on the Côte d’Azur gives you plenty of possibilities to wear the most beautiful, delicate dresses and more casual suits. 

Wear to a Destination France guests

French Bridal Fashion

The traditional French wedding dress (la robe de mariée) looks a lot like the simple white or off-white American one with a train and veil. The thing that catches the eye is the effortless yet chic style of French brides. They use a minimum of accessories and let the luxurious fabric, manufactured exactly like an art piece take the lead. 

Wear to a Destination Wedding in France

Consider the Wedding Venue

The location of the wedding ceremony should also guide the choice of your outfit. While deciding on what to wear to a destination wedding in France you need to consider what type of venue it’s taking place and what kind of ground you’ll be on. The South of France has a lot of beautiful by-the-sea venues, medieval castles, and rustic private villas. Some of them are surrounded by lawn or sand so you will want to stay away from stilettos. Wedges are the safe and perfect choice for outdoor weddings. 

Wedding South of France venue type

Wedding Attire in France is Simple yet Classic

If you watch French people and how they dress, you’ll quickly notice that they almost always appear to have just stepped right out of a fashion magazine, but their style comes naturally.

The guests in France are expected to dress up. While attending a destination wedding in the South of France better avoid anything too short, too low-cut, or too tight. The more conservative cuts are more in favor. The most important thing that you should keep in mind while choosing your wedding attire is effortless, chic, and quality.

An important thing to remember, in France white and its equivalent colors like ivory, cream, and champagne are reserved for the bride. 

Destination Wedding South of France attire

There is something quite special about organizing your wedding in France. Hiring a local wedding planner is the best solution for a couple looking to celebrate a destination wedding. Avalon Events Organisation will help you with your wedding ceremony thanks to our extensive knowledge of French culture and traditions, as well as our wide range of venues for any size events and weddings in France.

Get married in the South of France!

Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

First of all, welcome to the Garden Wedding! From Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children’s novel “Secret Garden” to the brand new Netflix series “Bridgerton”, the beauty of nature seduce with its mystery and timeless aesthetic. In 2021, nature will be the best backdrop for every special occasion as outdoor weddings rise in popularity. In Avalon Events Organization we embrace this trend and we must say: We love it!

Namely, if you’re dreaming of saying “I do” in romantic scenery, there won’t be a better venue than a splendid, broad garden with astonishing nature, peaceful corners, and fresh, fragrant air. While Mother Nature has already provided natural inspirations, we used its benefits to prepare some inspirational garden wedding ideas!

Intimate Wedding 2021

Enchanted Garden Wedding

To begin with, isn’t it more desirable to organize outdoor weddings during these challenging times? Use the healing power of nature! You can create an elegant celebration filled with romance and make your guests forget about any worries for a moment. Let your garden wedding be your happy place where only good things happen. Wedding inspired by Jane Austen’s novels, “Secret Garden”, or even “Finding Neverland” allows for stunning floral decorations, fabulous candles, and dreamy hanging floral installations incorporated into natural backdrop elements. For instance, using traditional decor and gold or pastel colors we will achieve a real fairytale aesthetic!

Enchanted Garden Wedding

CREDIT: Pinterest

Anticipating unforeseen weather –

Outdoor Wedding Tents

Accordingly, wedding tents are the perfect complement for garden weddings, but also form a unique shelter for your guests in case of bad weather. What’s important, the forms and decor options are practically limitless, depending on your needs. Specifically, the most popular styles are freestanding tents set up on frames, sailcloth and pole tents, tents with sidewalls or plastic, transparent ones. While arranging the interior we love adding some natural components from the garden like stunning overhead floral installations, hanging flowers, natural light coming from candles. Do you want more? What about bringing trees INSIDE your tent? Immediately, magic atmosphere guaranteed. 

Garden Wedding Tents

CREDIT: Pinterest

Romantic lighting – light the Garden Wedding up!

Twinkle lights amongst the trees, shrubs, and flowers? Beautiful lighting installations or stark bulbs? A sky full of stars? With a little bit of imagination (and our expertise) everything is possible! The glow of romantic lighting will add charm and magic to your garden wedding. This year, outdoor weddings will lighten up by hanging candles and pathway lights that create a fairy-tale-like ambiance, bistro lighting to add a bit of charming twist, or by string lights to create a Christmasy atmosphere.

Garden Wedding Lighting

CREDIT: Pinterest

Garden Wedding Decorations on a Big Scale

Briefly, there is no such thing as too much flora, especially when we talk about having a garden wedding. Floral accents can sneak literally everywhere – from the backdrop to paths, entrance, tent interior, or tables, chairs, centerpieces, up to the wedding cake, invitations, or your romantic wreath! Don’t be afraid to use, besides flowers, also other foliage like leaves, succulents, or garlands. 

Flowers Garden Wedding

CREDIT: Pinterest

Outdoor Wedding Fun

Currently garden weddings give a lot of possibilities for funny games and fancy installations. We propose bringing out a bar or gelato station and prepare some lawn games. The chill lounge area in the hidden corner of the garden will be a perfect place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the wedding celebration and spend some time alone with your beloved one. The possibilities are endless!

Garden Wedding Bar

CREDIT: Pinterest

We hope these few garden wedding ideas inspired you to invite nature to your wedding day! However, planning an outdoor wedding can be complicated and takes more time than usual. We will be more than happy to assist you and create for you a flawless garden reception!

Ready to start planning your 2021 garden wedding?