Exploring the Best Cities in the French Riviera for Your Dream Wedding

Exploring the Best Cities in the French Riviera for Your Dream Wedding

outside Wedding cap estel

Are you dreaming of a fairytale wedding along the enchanting shores of the French Riviera? Let us guide you through the most captivating cities where romance meets elegance, creating the perfect backdrop for your special day.

At Avalon Events Organisation, we specialize in crafting unique and elegant destination weddings throughout Southern France, Monaco, Italy, and beyond.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments of your life, and as your dedicated wedding planner in the South of France, we understand the importance of creating an unforgettable experience. With over 15 years of expertise, we’re committed to designing weddings and events that are as exceptional as they are personal.

Monaco: Where Glamour Meets Romance

Monaco’s allure lies in its luxurious ambiance and stunning coastal views, making it a perfect backdrop for a glamorous wedding. Whether you desire an intimate affair or a grand celebration, Monaco offers exclusive venues and impeccable service to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

wedding venues Monaco

Cannes: A Riviera Gem

With its iconic film festival and chic ambiance, Cannes is a top choice for a sophisticated wedding. Picture exchanging vows on a private beach or within a historic villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea—the options are limitless in this elegant city.

wedding venues Cannes

Eze: A Fairytale Setting

Perched high above the sea, Eze is renowned for its medieval charm and panoramic vistas. Imagine saying “I do” in a romantic garden setting or amid ancient stone walls, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the French Riviera.

wedding venues Eze

Antibes: Coastal Charm

Antibes blends Provençal charm with seaside allure, making it an ideal destination for a coastal wedding. Choose from seaside villas, luxury hotels, or historic chapels for a wedding that captures the essence of Mediterranean romance.

wedding venues Antibes

Saint Tropez: Where Style Meets Romance

Saint Tropez exudes sophistication and style, attracting couples seeking a chic wedding experience. From private yacht ceremonies to elegant vineyard receptions, Saint Tropez offers a glamorous setting for your special day.

wedding venues st tropez

South of France: A Seaside Escape

Beyond these iconic cities, the entire South of France offers a treasure trove of wedding venues along the coast. Picture-perfect coastal towns, vineyard estates, and luxury resorts dot the coastline, providing endless options for your dream wedding.

Villa Ephrussi wedding venue

Plan Your Wedding with Avalon Events Organisation

As a premier wedding planner on the French Riviera, Avalon Events Organisation specializes in creating bespoke weddings in these stunning locations and beyond. Let us guide you through the enchanting journey of planning your South of France wedding, ensuring every detail is as magical as your love story.

Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable wedding along the breathtaking Côte d’Azur.

Get married in the South of France!

2024 Wedding Trends: French Riviera Edition

2024 Wedding Trends: French Riviera Edition

Villa Ephrussi Rotschild luxury wedding

Are you planning a wedding on the picturesque French Riviera? Discover the latest wedding trends with Avalon Events Organisation, your premier wedding planner for the South of France.

As we dive into the 2024 wedding season, let’s explore the top trends shaping weddings along the Côte d’Azur.

From Monaco to the sun-kissed beaches of the French Riviera, here are some of the hottest wedding ideas you can incorporate into your dream celebration.

Destination Elegance: Monaco & Beyond

Monaco remains a top choice for couples seeking luxury and glamour. Our team specializes in creating elegant and exclusive weddings in this prestigious destination. From the iconic Monte Carlo Casino to stunning seaside venues, Monaco offers a backdrop of sophistication and opulence.

Villa Ephrussi Rotschild wedding elegant

Coastal Chic: Venues by the Sea

Imagine exchanging vows with the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop. The South of France boasts breathtaking venues along the coast, perfect for romantic ceremonies and seaside receptions. Whether it’s a beachfront villa or a cliffside château, we’ll help you find the ideal setting for your coastal chic wedding.

Wedding cap estel cote dazur

Timeless Glamour: French Riviera Style

Embrace the timeless allure of French Riviera style. Think classic elegance with a modern twist—crisp linens, soft pastels, and delicate florals against the backdrop of azure waters. Our wedding planners specialize in curating weddings that capture the essence of French sophistication.

Castle Bay Wedding Planner

Personalized Perfection: Your Dream Wedding

At Avalon Events Organisation, we’re dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true. Whether you envision a lavish soirée or an intimate gathering, our wedding planners will tailor every aspect to reflect your unique style and vision.

Ready to plan your unforgettable wedding on the French Riviera? Contact Avalon Events Organisation, your trusted wedding planner in the South of France, and let’s turn your dreams into reality.

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French Riviera Wedding E&A – Wedding at Castel Bay

French Riviera Wedding E&A – Wedding at Castel Bay

Dreamy Castle Bay Wedding

Castle Bay, a grand Belle Epoque-style venue, is the perfect setting for your dream wedding. With its timeless elegance and regal charm, Castle Bay promises to make your special day an enchanting and unforgettable celebration.

Join us in celebrating Eptihal and Abdullah’s union at Castle Bay, where elegance meets romance in a wedding that promises to be as timeless as the venue itself. It’s not just a wedding; it’s a captivating journey into love, artistry, and the beginning of a beautiful forever.

Castle Bay Wedding Planner

Best Wedding Castle by the sea on the French Riviera

From the grand entrance through the castle gates to the vows exchanged in a beautifully adorned ceremony space, Castle Bay provides a canvas for your unique love story. The sprawling grounds and stunning architecture offer a multitude of photo-worthy settings, ensuring that each snapshot encapsulates the magic of the moment.

Beautiful Ceremony Backdrops

An Elegant Affair with Soft Pastel Flowers and a Touch of Red

In the midst of the soft pastel palette, a touch of red adds a dash of passion and vibrancy to the celebration. Whether it’s in the form of red roses, elegant table settings, or subtle accents, the red hues symbolize the depth and intensity of the couple’s commitment to each other.

Castle Bay Wedding

Luxury Cote d’Azur Wedding Venue

Castle Bay, with its grandeur and timeless charm, sets the stage for a wedding that transcends the ordinary. The Belle Epoque-style architecture adds an extra layer of sophistication, creating a backdrop that perfectly complements the love story unfolding within its walls.

Wedding Castle Bay

If you’re envisioning a celebration surrounded by the beauty of the French countryside, exquisite venues, and meticulous planning, Avalon Events Organization is here for you.

We specialize in turning visions into reality, curating unforgettable experiences that reflect the unique love stories of each couple. Your love story deserves to unfold in the enchanting landscapes of the south of France, and we’re here to make it happen.

Your journey to ‘I do’ starts with Avalon Events Organization.

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Wedding Planner Experience – Testimony from Z&Z

Wedding Planner Experience – Testimony from Z&Z

wedding planner experience french riviera

Working with Avalon Events Organisation – Testimony

Lately, I received an email from one of my dearest couples Zoe & Zach. They were asked, by one of the bride-and-groom-to-be, about their experience with me and Avalon Events Organisation. I’d love to share with you this letter!

why hire wedding planner

Claudia and Christopher

“Dear Zoe and Zach,

We hope this finds you very well!

My name is Claudia and I am currently in the process of finding a wedding planner to plan our wedding in the South of France.

Sabine very kindly shared your contact information with us, as we would love to hear about your experience with Sabine as your wedding planner.

We were hoping to ask you some questions if you don’t mind:”

wedding planner experience

How was your experience having her as your wedding planner?

Zoe and Zach

Sabine is an exceptional planner and overall human being. I work with clients all the time and it is rare to find someone who genuinely cares about your concerns and hopes, however Sabine does and is completely genuine. It didn’t take me long to realize that when she said she would do something or try to get something done that she would. It was one less thing I had to worry about.

wedding planner experience testimony

Did she meet or exceed your expectations?

Zoe and Zach

Exceeded, by far. All we wanted for our wedding was to enjoy the several days with our guests, and just be excited about getting married. That’s exactly what we were able to do. She handled every detail during the event, and we were able to truly enjoy ourselves. I would say that’s the best thing she did for us really, let us be unconditionally happy on our wedding day. And I think we were able to do that because she also was genuinely concerned with our happiness.

importance wedding planner

How many friends have you recommended her to? If none, why not?

Zoe and Zach

Not only have I recommended her to friends and family, but any stranger who I come across that gets engaged I recommend her to as well. People have also messaged us on Facebook and instagram after seeing our photos asking how it was possible to achieve and event like that, and we tell them it was Sabine.

wedding testimony

Did anything go wrong / not as planned on the day of your wedding? How did she solve these issues?

Zoe and Zach

It rained the day of our wedding. While we could have a beautiful ceremony and reception inside, it was not what I had hoped and dreamed for. She convinced every vendor to just wait a few more minutes, which they were very clear they could not, and we ended up having the ceremony of our dreams outside. No one can control the weather but she still got us what we wanted. Anything she could actually control went very smoothly.

important to hire wedding planner french riviera

Does she have any weaknesses that we should be aware of?

Zoe and Zach

After several years of working with her I could not see any. She’s incredibly organized, trustworthy, professional and most of all kind. It’s one thing to have someone do a good job, it’s another thing to actually enjoy working with someone.

wedding planner experience cote dazur

Zoe and Zach

I have attached some pictures from our wedding of us with Sabine. And not only did we take time to get a photo with her, it is framed in our home. I would not waste anymore time looking for an event planner.

Get married in the South of France!

Wedding on the French Riviera: Cap Estel

Wedding on the French Riviera: Cap Estel

outside Wedding cap estel

Cap Estel in Eze is like a fairytale. It’s a unique location in the South of France and it is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the Côte d’Azur. With its rich history, stunning views and romantic ambiance, Cap Estel is the perfect wedding venue for couples looking for a fairytale setting.

luxury Wedding venue cap estel
Wedding venue by the sea cap estel
Wedding venue cap estel

Best Wedding Venue by the sea on the French Riviera

Cap Estel is one of the finest coastal properties in Europe for events, giving exclusivity and privacy in this beautiful part of the world. It offers a calm setting, discretion and character for all your events.

Wedding cap estel

Breathtaking French Wedding Venue on the Côte D’Azur

The French Riviera is a magnificent destination for your wedding in the south of France. Hotel Cap Estel on the French Riviera is perfect for a reception outside. It stands out among South of France wedding venues by the sea.  

Wedding cap estel eze sur mer

Luxury French Riviera Wedding Venue

The Cap Estel is available for weddings and the entire venue can be hired for exclusive use. It’s an elegant and discreet romantic haven. There are 28 rooms available, with amazing views over the Mediterranean sea, gastronomic cuisine with 5-star service and open-air garden space that can accommodate up to 240 guests.

Wedding cap estel cote dazur

Where to get Married on the French Riviera

Cap Estel is an exclusive venue surrounded by palms and terraced gardens. This location provides privacy and breathtaking views. This charming boutique hotel is perfect for destination weddings, elopements or any other important events. 

Wedding cap estel pastel
Wedding cap estel french riviera

Cap Estel is without any doubt one of the unmissable places of the French Riviera. Contact Avalon Events Organisation to find unique Côte d’Azur wedding venues to celebrate your love. We would be delighted to accompany you for your Big Day at the Cap Estel, or any other exceptional venue from our exclusive list.  

Get married in the South of France!

Wedding on the French Riviera: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Wedding on the French Riviera: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Villa Ephrussi wedding venue

An exceptional wedding venue on the French Riviera

The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a unique wedding venue located in the South of France, between Nice and Monaco. One of the most beautiful residences of Renaissance style on the French Riviera, it overlooks the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by nine themed gardens: French, Spanish, Japanese, Florentine, Provençal, exotic, a stone garden, a rose garden and a garden of Sèvres.

Villa Ephrussi Rotschild wedding elegant

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild Wedding

This exceptional wedding venue on the French Riviera set atop the picturesque heights of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is ideal for planning luxury parties and grand weddings. It provides an elegant combination of French charm with romance and elegant atmosphere.

Villa Ephrussi Rotschild wedding french riviera

Best South of France Wedding Venue

Baroness Béatrice de Rothschild imposed pink, her favorite color, throughout the villa. Full of flowers and twinkling with candles this seaside villa can host 230 guests inside for a seated dinner and up to 300 guests for a seated dinner outside. 

Villa Ephrussi Rotschild wedding

How to get married in the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Experience the beauty of the French Riviera on your wedding day. Contact us and let’s plan together your prestigious wedding. Every wedding designed by Avalon Events Organisation is perfectly tailored to our couples’ extraordinary dreams. We would love to hear about you, your story and your event!

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