Monaco Events Planner – The Monaco Ambassadors Club (the MAC) Goodwill Gala

Monaco Events Planner – The Monaco Ambassadors Club (the MAC) Goodwill Gala

Event Planner Monaco

We plan, produce and successfully manage Events in Monaco. Consequently, we offer professional support with any kind of event. From private parties, birthdays and anniversaries to memorials, professional gala dinners, or corporate events.

Now, we are happy to share with you the details of the stunning and totally unique event for the MONACO AMBASSADOR CLUB.

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The Monaco Ambassadors Club (the MAC)


In the first place, The Monaco Ambassadors Club (the MAC) has a clear purpose. To deepen connections between its Members and Monaco, and between Monaco and the rest of the world. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is the Honorary President of the Monaco Ambassadors Club. It was the desire of his mother, Princess Grace of Monaco, to assemble a rich blend of cultures. For that reason, each Member would bring a particular dynamic, and each Club Member would become an emissary of the Principality. These remain the Club’s principle aims to this day.

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The MAC GoodWill Gala Event


The MAC GoodWill Gala was held on the 02nd of July at the Hotel Hermitage in Principality of Monaco.

In fact, Avalon Events Organisation was the official event planner of the MAC club for the last 6 years. Every year we organise at least 5 prestigious and totally tailor-made events highly appreciated by the Members.

This year the main theme of the MAC GoodWill Gala Dinner was the Bohemian Jungle. Likewise, we designed every table with a unique tablecloth, decorated with enormous flowers, golden ananas, colourful orchids and golden candles.

In order to accompany the evening and amuse our guests, we organised a beautiful music band with the most talented musicians. Their electric repertoire featuring Bossa Nova and Jazz was a huge success among the guests.

Event Planner Monaco Band
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Event Venue: Hôtel Hermitage in Monte Carlo


The most elegant hotel in Monaco, Hôtel Hermitage with a belle-époque charm was a perfect venue for this event. Everybody appreciated their cuisine d’une grande finesse, the excellent selection of the best wines and impeccable service. In like manner, we are always delighted when working with this elegant and stunning establishment. We announce with pleasure, that the MAC GoodWill Gala Dinner was (another) big success of Avalon Events Organisation.

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Private Events Monaco

Planning Monaco events can be time-consuming and stressful. Avalon Events Organisation offers you a shameless design and perfect execution of your event.

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Why getting married in the south of France is a good idea

Why getting married in the south of France is a good idea

getting married in the south of France sea view

You are thinking about a destination wedding but you’re still not sure about the perfect wedding localization? Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider getting married in the south of France.

getting married in the south of France good idea

Wonderful scenery and diverse locations


In the first place, we need to mention that the South of France is one of the most beautiful regions in France. What is more, it’s also one of the most diverse when it comes to different sceneries that will definitely suit all tastes. In particular, you can find there: romantic countryside, vineyards, amazing beaches, prodigious mountains, beautiful lavender fields, charming castles, lush valleys, picturesque villages, and many more unique backdrops for a perfect wedding.

Above all, you will fall in love with the locations that will offer you an amazing opportunity for beautiful wedding photos and unforgettable memories.

getting married in the south of France castle

South of France is full of fairy-tale castles


Have you ever dreamed about a fairy-tale wedding in a beautiful, French chateau? By choosing the South of France as your wedding location we will make your dreams come true. In fact, the South of France has a really impressive number of scenic stone chateaux that can be fully rented in order to provide you tailor-made services adapted to your special needs.

Furthermore, in Avalon Events Organisation we have an exclusive, large selection of the most beautiful chateaux from our region. In like manner, we offer you a unique wedding celebration in total luxury and privacy.

getting married in the south of France cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine


In addition, France has one of the best cuisines in the whole world. The food in the South of France is based on fresh ingredients with many styles and flavours and is especially delicious. Just to name a few, the most iconic South of France food specialties are fresh fish and seafood, delicious cheeses, refined salads, excellent vegetarian dishes, or a delicious beef stew.

At the same time, Southern France is well known for its excellent desserts and pastries as well as for the best vines. This splendid region is home to some of the biggest wineries in the world and many famous wines.

getting married in the south of France weather

Delightful climate for all season weddings


Southern France is located on the Mediterranean Sea, so the climate here is mild and warm. Particularly, it’s part of the sunniest region of France. The Côte d’Azur enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year, summers are hot, and winters mild and dry. With this in mind, you can stop endless worries about the weather forecast. The South of France is in fact a perfect location for all-season weddings.

getting married in the south of France

English speaking wedding planner


Important to realize that the South of France is one of the most touristic regions of France. In this popular location is highly probable that most of the vendors and suppliers will speak English. If it’s not the case, we will still be your interpreter and help you organize everything perfectly.

getting married in the south of France locations

Have you fallen in love with the idea of getting married in the south of France?


In Avalon Events Organisation we’re highly convinced that the South of France is a perfect location for your wedding day. As the permanent residents of this beautiful region, we know all its hidden gems, unique customs, most beautiful venues, amazing food, and best wines.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to hear about your dream wedding in the South of France!

Get married in the south of France!

The Top Reasons to Elope

The Top Reasons to Elope

Pros of Eloping

Do you look for a reason to elope? Look no further. We gathered for you the most common and sometimes the most surprising reasons to elope this season with your loved one!

Elopements have become increasingly popular over the last several years. Moreover, due to the recent pandemic and numerous restrictions, elopement sounds much more exciting and alluring than ever.

In fact, elopement has become a new, chic way for couples to express themselves and celebrate their love in a less traditional but often even more outstanding way. Despite the popular belief, elopement is no longer a secret run away to get married but it became a sort of small destination wedding that can be well planned and include your closest family members or friends.

2021 restrictions don’t mean that you need to give up your dreams about a wonderful wedding celebration. Instead of canceling or postponing your wedding on a later date, you can choose to elope! It can an amazing, truly fantastic way to start your married life together. Avalon Events Organisation will help you elope easily in beautiful locations in France, Monaco, or Italy.


There are many different reasons why you should elope as a couple. Let’s dive into it!

reasons to elope 2021

Elopement is more authentic and intimate than a big wedding


The number one reason to elope is authenticity. Many couples preferer elopement to big celebration because they look for more authenticity and genuine human interactions. This smaller, intimate ceremony gives them the possibility to focus on each other and emphasize their true selves. That means less family drama, fewer expectations, and way more intimacy, and “only the two of you” moments.

In the end, your wedding day is all about the two of you. Nothing else is anywhere near as important.

Reasons to elope

Elopement is less stress experience


Another reason why more and more couples are considering an elopement is the stress of wedding planning.

Planning a wedding is a big deal. A relationship with your family can be complicated and sometimes very difficult. Elopement is a perfect way to avoid the stress of all the wedding logistics and family dynamics. It means no pressure, just two of you starting your life together exactly the way you want to.

You deserve to enjoy your wedding day the most. If you have an anxious personality and planning a wedding is too stressful for you, then elopement might be your ideal choice. You’ll see that planning an elopement with Avalon Events Organisation is a pure pleasure.

Why do people elope

Elopement is a great adventure


One of the best reasons to elope is probably having the opportunity to explore somewhere new together. The idea of committing to a rigorous plan that is a traditional wedding ceremony doesn’t really speak to you? You don’t need to worry! Every couple is different and those who are looking to begin a life full of adventure together should definitely go for it.

Together we will plan this important day around what makes you happy. Nature, wild beaches, green mountain valleys, cruise around a beautiful lake in Italy? We got it all covered.

With Avalon Events Organisation you’ll start your lives with an epic adventure.

Reasons to elope in 2021

Elopement is the most romantic way to get married


Nothing creates a more magical, intimate atmosphere than an elopement does. If you always dreamed of a classic love story then it might be a good reason to choose elopement over a traditional wedding. Eloping results in very intimate, private moments between you two.

Just let your wildest, most romantic dreams come true.

Reasons Why You Should Elope

Elopement to a beautiful place


While investing the money in your wedding you need to choose wisely. Elopement requires less budget so you can invest your money into more incredible locations, professional photographers, and the dress you always dreamed of.

to elope meaning

In our next blog, we will show you some incredible venues and locations for an unforgettable, intimate elopement ceremony on the French Riviera, Provence, Monaco, or in Italy.

Ready to Elope?

What does elopement mean?

What does elopement mean?

what means to elope

Have you ever heard about a couple leaving their home without telling anyone and secretly getting married far away? 

That’s what most of us will consider as an elopement.

Traditionally, we refer the term “elopement” to “the act of leaving home secretly in order to get married”. (Definition of elopement from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus).

The secrecy is the key!

to elope meaning

Surprisingly, elopement has transformed over the years. Modern-day eloping doesn’t have to come with any shame or embarrassment. What used to mean “to run away and secretly getting married” now become a sort of small destination wedding. It allows the couple to invite only the most important people in their life and avoid big, exaggerated celebration.

According to Harper’s Baazar ,modern elopement “is about running away from an event that feels archaic to many and uncomfortable for others”. In fact, elopement usually means a marriage with 10 or fewer people which makes it more personal, intimate, and extremely romantic.

What does it mean to elope in 2021

“Eloping completely takes off the pressure of planning the perfect wedding,'” said Harper’s Bazaar social media editor and newly-engaged Natalie Salmon. “Weddings – thanks in part to social media, and Instagram certainly comes to mind here – are so much more visible than they were in the past. It’s not just your friends and family who will see it; even people you haven’t even invited might be watching.”

What does elopement mean

Furthermore, modern-day eloping is more and more common practice. During COVID-19 an increasing number of couples decide to pursue the route of elopements to legalize their marriage despite the restrictions. By eloping, they can stick to their original wedding date and make it official with far fewer guests.

What does elopement mean 2021

Origin of Elope – What does Elopement Means?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest use of the word “elope” was in the 14th century. It meant “leap”, so just to “run away”. The “running away to get married” sense of eloping was popularized in the 17th century. The word was used to describe a woman running away from her husband with her lover. With time the word was evolving. It meant tying the knot in secrecy or out of shame away from the family, usually as a last-minute decision.

elopement alternative marraige

Nowadays, eloping is just another way of getting married. It’s an intimate wedding that is focused entirely on the couple and it’s no less special than a traditional celebration.

Eloping is an amazing alternative for what we used to consider as a wedding day, sometimes too overwhelming and not exactly in the couple’s style. Deciding to elope gives the couple plenty of possibilities to build an experience that feels authentic to them and reflects their personality. Whether they like an adventure, or prefere a luxury celebration, an elopement marriage can be whatever they want it to be and wherever they can imagine it. 

What does it mean to elope

Eloping can be a simple, less stressful, amazing wedding experience. In Avalon Events Organisation we love elopements! We can’t wait to help you create your dreamed elopement experience whether in France, in Monaco or in Italy!

Ready to Elope?

Wedding Dress Trends of 2021

Wedding Dress Trends of 2021

The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2021

CREDIT: Looks from the Viktor & Rolf Mariage Spring 2021 collection. Photo: Marijke Aerden/Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf Mariage

New wedding season is around the corner which means new wedding dress trends of 2021! Like everything, fashion changes every year and is influenced by different factors. Some of the recent wedding trends are small and intimate weddings that take place in new types of locations like gardens, private villas, or backyards. A wedding dress worn for this type of occasion will look different from the wedding of the past.

Long months of lockdown, now brides have become more experimental and courageous in their wedding choices. Samantha Iacia from WeddingWire says that in 2021 “Brides and to-be-weds are ditching the idea that you can only wear certain types of dresses in certain settings.”

2021 will be all about statement sleeves, backs, bows pastels and sparkling details. But the biggest dress trend of 2021 is “anything goes”, which means that brides are ditching the traditional white ballgown and opt for colors and different silhouettes.

The choice of the wedding dress is an important moment of the wedding. To help you, we have prepared the guide of the 2021 wedding dress trends you should know.

Less-formal “micro wedding dresses” are having their moment in 2021

The surge of smaller wedding ceremonies and elopements means shorter dresses and less formal styles are trending in 2021. A more casual and personal vibe will be observed during wedding ceremonies and “little white dress” has a chance to be almost as popular as little black dress. This type of wedding dress will be less dramatic and a lot more fitted for intimate ceremonies and low-key venues. 

The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2021 less formal

CREDIT: Lulu’s “This Is Real Love” dress. 

Bridal jumpsuits and pantsuits are a new wedding  dress trend of 2021

2021 wedding wardrobe will extend beyond wedding events. Brides are opting for more unique and flexible pieces that can be mixed and match during future events. A bridal jumpsuit as a dress alternative is comfortable and totally stylish. It was trending before 2002 but now it’s getting more popular than ever. Lace, bigger weaves and shimmering fabric jumpsuits are a perfect opportunity for many brides to show their personality and not follow the herd.

The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2021 jumpsuit

CREDIT: The Enamored With You Jumpsuit from Lulus. 

Puffy sleeves make a statement in 2021

The ’80 are making their comeback on wedding ceremonies in 2021. Bridal gown designers are mixing retro elements with modern style.  Big, puffy, dramatic sleeves will be the favorite detail of wedding dresses. They will give a “wow-factor” to every, even the most simple gown. If you are thinking about a poetic or romantic look, big sleeves will be the best option. 

Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2021 Puffy sleeves

CREDIT: The Luella wedding dress from the Savannah Miller Spring 2021 collection.

Bows and ruffles for days

Maximalist details are on the rise in 2021. Volume, ruffles and bows give a bride this photogenic and effortless look. Indulge your inner romantic during your big day and make a statement, whether during a small intimate wedding or a virtual ceremony.

Wedding Dress Trends of 2021 ruffles

Backless wedding gowns are trendy in 2021

You can never go wrong with the classics. Barebacks have been on display for a few seasons trend isn’t slowing down. From deep V-back dresses to completely backless gowns, we love how they give an unexpected flash of skin when photographed from a different angle.

Backless wedding gowns Wedding Dress Trends of 2021

Transformative dresses for multiple looks

2021 wedding dress trends are all about versatility and adaptability. Transformative gowns allow brides to get more than one use out of the same dress. Those transformative options can be worn in multiple ways and can be adapted to a different ceremony type. This can be very helpful in case of postponed weddings or a change of wedding reception venue.

The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2021 Transformative pieces

CREDIT:A Vivienne Westwood gown. Brides/Vivienne Westwood

Subtle Sparkle is big 2021 trend

Harper’s Bazaar says “Shimmer never looked so chic. This subtle shine that catches the light feels more like a night sky than all-encrusted, glamorous glitz.” Délicat shimmer in the form of glitter tulle adds an ethereal touch to your wedding gown. This trend will make everybody’s head turn toward you!

The Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2021 Sparkle

Don’t forget that a bride’s style should be as important as current trends. Choose a dress that’s true to your own personal style. And if you are planning a 2021 wedding, contact Avalon Events Organisation for shameless wedding coordination even in those unpredictable times. 

Ready to start planning your 2021 wedding?

Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

First of all, welcome to the Garden Wedding! From Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children’s novel “Secret Garden” to the brand new Netflix series “Bridgerton”, the beauty of nature seduce with its mystery and timeless aesthetic. In 2021, nature will be the best backdrop for every special occasion as outdoor weddings rise in popularity. In Avalon Events Organization we embrace this trend and we must say: We love it!

Namely, if you’re dreaming of saying “I do” in romantic scenery, there won’t be a better venue than a splendid, broad garden with astonishing nature, peaceful corners, and fresh, fragrant air. While Mother Nature has already provided natural inspirations, we used its benefits to prepare some inspirational garden wedding ideas!

Intimate Wedding 2021

Enchanted Garden Wedding

To begin with, isn’t it more desirable to organize outdoor weddings during these challenging times? Use the healing power of nature! You can create an elegant celebration filled with romance and make your guests forget about any worries for a moment. Let your garden wedding be your happy place where only good things happen. Wedding inspired by Jane Austen’s novels, “Secret Garden”, or even “Finding Neverland” allows for stunning floral decorations, fabulous candles, and dreamy hanging floral installations incorporated into natural backdrop elements. For instance, using traditional decor and gold or pastel colors we will achieve a real fairytale aesthetic!

Enchanted Garden Wedding

CREDIT: Pinterest

Anticipating unforeseen weather –

Outdoor Wedding Tents

Accordingly, wedding tents are the perfect complement for garden weddings, but also form a unique shelter for your guests in case of bad weather. What’s important, the forms and decor options are practically limitless, depending on your needs. Specifically, the most popular styles are freestanding tents set up on frames, sailcloth and pole tents, tents with sidewalls or plastic, transparent ones. While arranging the interior we love adding some natural components from the garden like stunning overhead floral installations, hanging flowers, natural light coming from candles. Do you want more? What about bringing trees INSIDE your tent? Immediately, magic atmosphere guaranteed. 

Garden Wedding Tents

CREDIT: Pinterest

Romantic lighting – light the Garden Wedding up!

Twinkle lights amongst the trees, shrubs, and flowers? Beautiful lighting installations or stark bulbs? A sky full of stars? With a little bit of imagination (and our expertise) everything is possible! The glow of romantic lighting will add charm and magic to your garden wedding. This year, outdoor weddings will lighten up by hanging candles and pathway lights that create a fairy-tale-like ambiance, bistro lighting to add a bit of charming twist, or by string lights to create a Christmasy atmosphere.

Garden Wedding Lighting

CREDIT: Pinterest

Garden Wedding Decorations on a Big Scale

Briefly, there is no such thing as too much flora, especially when we talk about having a garden wedding. Floral accents can sneak literally everywhere – from the backdrop to paths, entrance, tent interior, or tables, chairs, centerpieces, up to the wedding cake, invitations, or your romantic wreath! Don’t be afraid to use, besides flowers, also other foliage like leaves, succulents, or garlands. 

Flowers Garden Wedding

CREDIT: Pinterest

Outdoor Wedding Fun

Currently garden weddings give a lot of possibilities for funny games and fancy installations. We propose bringing out a bar or gelato station and prepare some lawn games. The chill lounge area in the hidden corner of the garden will be a perfect place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the wedding celebration and spend some time alone with your beloved one. The possibilities are endless!

Garden Wedding Bar

CREDIT: Pinterest

We hope these few garden wedding ideas inspired you to invite nature to your wedding day! However, planning an outdoor wedding can be complicated and takes more time than usual. We will be more than happy to assist you and create for you a flawless garden reception!

Ready to start planning your 2021 garden wedding?

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