About us

Sabine Bahry-LemboSabine Bahry-Lembo founded in the Principality of Monaco Avalon Events Organisation, a full service special luxurious event management company that answers a high level request.

Sabine is a visionary, masterminding everything for the perfect event. Meticulous and charming, Sabine transforms Avalon Events Organisation into fairy-island of exquisite taste where everything is possible.

Sabine acquired her skill during her professional experience starting in London, then in Monaco specially working for Nelson Piquet (the famous triple Formula 1 champion), then in the organisation and management of different motor cross and super cross events. She came naturally in the events field organizing also private event with success.

Sabine is fluent in French, English and Italian. She provides an experienced and multilingual perfect team for assuring that every aspect of your event is properly taken care of.

Sabine is only guilty of falling in love with her clients, highly sophisticated and independent people who are passionate about their events. Her clients include multinational companies, global non profits, fashion designers, celebrities, entrepreneurs and parents. Whatever requests they might have, as organizing a wedding, corporate event or a gala venue, they will all be fully satisfied. Vast capabilities and resources can bring nearly any clients event vision to life.

Avalon Events Organisation has become an essential ingredient of the finest and luxurious events in Monaco and French Riviera.