Natalie Portman runaway bride in latest Miss Dior campaign

It is not a surprise for us that even Christian Dior, one of the biggest name in the fashion industry, chose French Riviera for his latest fragrance campaign, Miss Dior. This video is featuring Natalie Portman as a runaway bride. The 33-year-old Oscar-winning star looks astonishing in the video, which portrays a young woman about to tie the knot.

Portman’s character looks worried over a balcony at the wedding ceremony below. Her father, waits patiently on the steps below, only to be disappointed by his daughter reaction. Unable to go through with the wedding, Portman runs away from the altar, throw off her wedding dress and escape in a helicopter.

The commercial is filmed in one of the most iconic places in French Riviera and one of the venues that we love working with, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

« The story is about escaping, about getting away from all the things that tie you down in life, » told Anton Corbijn who directed the film to Vogue. The sorry tells you to be bold and take chances on life, exactly like making the big step, getting married.

Reasons why French Riviera is the perfect luxurious wedding destination for you

The bride theme and the destination were’t chosen by accident. French Riviera is well known to be one of the most preferred luxurious wedding destination in Europe.

“The location was beautiful and the weather was stunning,” said Corbijn. Besides the weather and spectacular landscapes, we may ad the unequaled services quality.

The Christian Dior branded helicopter escape is representative for the unparalleled transportation diversity that French Riviera offers from air to ground to water.

This should be a valid argument to make you at least consider French Riviera as an option for a luxurious wedding destination.

Watch down bellow the new Miss Dior commercial with Natalie Portman.